• Fighting the Threats of Zika Virus: Understanding the Disease and How to Prevent It

    Zika virus is one of the most dangerous health risks of mosquito bites. Based on the record of the World Health Organization, the first documented case of Zika virus was in Uganda around 1947 which is identified among monkeys. Later in 1952, an outbreak of the disease in the United Republic of Tanzania was reported wherein humans are the target. The recorded largest outbreak of Zika Virus infection started on the Island of Yap in 2007 and in July 2015 at Brazil wherein carrier of zika virus showed symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Today, people fears Zika virus and diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever and much more which are all associated with mosquito bites.


    The symptoms of Zika Virus

    The diseases have no clear and accurate documentation of its development process. However, medical professionals say that the incubation of Zika virus only takes a few days before the symptoms will appear in an infected individual. The symptoms of this disease are similar to widely known disorders connected to mosquito bites. Here are the following symptoms of zika virus:


    1. Fever


    2. Joint Pains


    3. Muscle Pains


    4. Headache


    5. Rashes


    6. Conjunctivitis


    These are the general symptoms of zika virus infected individuals. You will not know that you are a carrier of the virus unless diagnostic tests will say so. Therefore, there is no strong indication if you carry the disease or not since it shares similar symptoms to other mosquito bite disorders.


    The effects of Zika Virus


    Zika virus comes from a single bite of an infected mosquito. Once the virus is transmitted into the bloodstream, it will eventually spread all throughout the body. The symptoms will show after a few days. If you are a pregnant woman who happened with Zika virus, it can affect your pregnancy and the baby. Studies show that the disease can cause congenital disabilities and pregnancy complications. Aside from these effects, infected people will be most likely to have a Guillain-Barre syndrome which is a disorder of the nervous system.


    The preventive measures of Zika Virus


    As of now, there is no medication and vaccine against zika virus. The best thing to do in preventing this disease is to control and eliminate the mosquitos surrounding your home. The virus comes from Aedes mosquito group. How can you control the spread of these mosquitoes?


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